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Client Testimonials

I am writing to extend my thanks on behalf of all the Strategic Carbon Management MBA students at the UEA for being such a fantastic Eco-Dragon. Your support played a huge role in making the event the success that it was and we were thrilled to be able to host 9 teams of students from 4 different local schools to battle it out for the winning places.
Jim Fielder, Eco Dragons Den project manager

I am writing to thank you for your invaluable time when you were most kind to give us some wonderful insight in to the world of self belief and confidence. The session was received very positively and I had loads of positive feedback.
Sid Sidhu, nextstep norfolk co-ordinator

I wanted to write to thank you once again for your involvement this year. We have received excellent feedback from participants and the course's continuing success is hugely dependent on your generosity in sharing your time, knowledge and experience for which we remain extremely grateful. Thank you again for helping to bring our unique course to life in such a compelling, stimulating and memorable way.
Common Purpose

On behalf of the Investing in Communities Partnership Board, I would like to thank you for all your hard work, which has significantly contributed to the success of the BizFizz project. Over the past 5 years, BizFizz has been able to offer business coaching and support to individuals from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds. Your support has enabled people who may not have had the confidence or ability to be able to set up their own business, to become self employed and to contribute towards Norfolk's growing economy. We have been proud to report to our partnership board members how BizFizz has exceeded all its output targets for the number of businesses created, businesses assisted and the number of people who have been assisted in skills development. With your efforts, BizFizz has been able to establish itself as an exceptional service, which operates around the individual's needs and encourage business ideas to make them a reality. This reputation is not just that of the BizFizz project but of you as a business coach operating in Norwich. Many of our partners have commented on your passion and commitment to supporting people in Norwich and their businesses. An example of the impact BizFizz has made was published in last year's Shaping Norfolk's Future Annual Review for which you should take substantial credit. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past 5 years.
Eliska Cheeseman, IiC Programme Manager

Anne – you have played such a profound role in my own development since we met in March. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement and the fact that you keep believing in my abilities. That is the most powerful form of “therapy” (if you want to call it that), that I’ve ever experienced. It does something to you when someone you respect believes in you. It somehow opens doors in your mind and unlocks abilities that you’ve lost the key of many years ago! Thank you for sharing yourself with me so generously.

Melanie Maritz, Coaching Eve

I have known Anne for many years and have seen and experienced the most amazing results via my own and working life and the impact that her positivity has on other people. As a business coach I find her inspirational, motivational and supportive. I have seen fledgling businesses develop and flourish with her support and guidance. On a personal level and after being recommended by a close friend whose life she has changed for the better as a result of working with Anne, I have had NLP with Anne and it just made this huge impact after one session. I am delighted and honoured to recommend Anne - she's amazing.

Dawn Jackson

I will always be grateful to you Anne for helping me to slap a large (metaphorical) Post-it on my forehead saying, "Now is the time for change". It worked! My life is changing in many ways for the better, my business is established and I have a clear plan for the future.

Tony Carter of Norwich Energy!

Anne was incredibly important in supporting me through all the hurdles we encountered whilst setting up our business. We would not be where we are now without the strong support and enthusiasm that Anne provided during this most stressful of times. There have been lots of ‘ups and downs’ but Anne was always there with encouragement and support from the outset establishing finances and clear business projections.

A calm and kind ear over coffee in the city with Anne was always there for us. We are now able to follow our dream in developing our passion for wholesome food and its place in everyone’s future well being.

Shaun and Dani proprietors of ‘Simply Delicious’ Leiston, Suffolk

Three years ago I saw Anne Francis as a business coach. Up to that point always I had worked in isolation. At that time I found myself at a cross roads wanting to expand my Life Skills Training further afield and increase my Hypnotherapy practice. Anne was invaluable in so many ways. For the first time I was able to ask for support and query what and how I was doing what I was doing. Some things I learned were incredibly obvious, the value of networking, writing an effective proposal, creating a plan forward but knowledge which I lacked. Anne also worked deeper than that, helping me to identify my saboteur and teaching me to ask for help. Being self-employed for many years I was good at what I did but a bit naive about business. Anne was brilliant, enthusiastic and patient and my knowledge and work grew.

Cindy Hurn

The support given from Anne Francis has been excellent. It is very encouraging to talk about the business with people like her, who motivates you, understands your problems and gives good and clear advice of how to overcome difficulties. Also the support and network provided has helped raise sales and meet people and businesses that have shown interest in supporting my business in some way or another.
I am very glad to have come across Anne.

Xorge Castro MD of X Castro

Anne Francis' positive energy is simply infectious; you can't help but get involved. Her coaching helped me gain great insights about my direction and motivation and she is insightful as to what is going on at the core. If you want a fun way to get moving in the right direction I strongly recommend you get some coaching with Anne Francis.

Boris Prigmore, Founder and CEO, boristhecoach.com

The coaching work that I have done with Anne Francis was very helpful. Anne takes a completely client centered approach to coaching. Not only is she authentic, warm hearted, and very perceptive, she enables a deep engagement with the coaching process through her skilled reflection. The work that Anne does with me facilitates a fresh perspective on the ideas that I am developing. Anne is excellent at relating to the potential that is trying to emerge into reality.

Mick Collins, Lecturer, University of East Anglia.

Thanks a lot for agreeing to be on our panel of experts at our business ethics event yesterday. We are truly grateful, your presence made for a more robust panel which participants really enjoyed (from the feedback we have received).
We would also like to say thank you for all your support of our other project. Your contacts, suggestions, ideas have been very useful. We also got valuable input from the meetings you helped set up.
We really do appreciate this. Thanks a lot.

Ehia Erhaboh, Norwich Business School (MBA 2008).

In my opinion Anne Francis was born to coach with her exemplary talent for individual empowerment. I see her approach as a unique combination of extensive business knowledge, progressive counselling skills, genuine passion for and commitment to her work and enormous generosity of spirit. Our sessions are always dynamic, inspiring and beneficial to the progression not just of my business but also of my personal development. There is no set formula; Anne is always flexible and able to respond to my most appropriate need with each session. My involvement with her has led me to have improved confidence in myself, my decision making and therefore my business. Anne is a coach not just for business but for life and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Karen Hibberd, Visual Digital Artist.

Right I have lots to cover, firstly a big thank you from all of us for the past few weeks training. We've all had a great time and learnt so much. On a personal note I've learnt a lot about myself and why I react the way I do, I also now know how to please that awkward complaining customer! I feel I can now cope better when in difficult situations with people whose opinion differs from mine. It has been a very helpful course and one I'm sure I shall remember and benefit from for a long time.

Carl Shipman, Manager, CMS Roadshow.

Anne Francis is one of those rare women that can light up an entire room with her presence and personal power. She is an influencer, an inspiration, and an innovator. She is a gifted trainer and coach with the ability to transform, motivate and enthuse. Anne is a woman of integrity and real character and with a delicious sense of humour and a wonderful passion for making a difference.

Kath Temple, Director, The Lifelong Learning Company.

Anne has given me a huge amount of support and advice and if I had to narrow it down to two key factors that have helped me get this far I would say that she has encouraged me to knock down barriers, both physical obstacles such as funding issues and emotional barriers that I had created for myself. Anne has also opened my eyes to a new network of help and specialist support for when I needed it. This experience has taught me that anything is possible and if you really believe it you can and will make it happen.

Lisa Angel, Fashion Designer

‘Thanks to Anne Francis of Norwich, for her motivation and infectious positive outlook to life and for supporting AIDucation.’ From the book ‘Pictures in AIDucation’ by Dr Edwin Mapara available from www.trafford.com

“My session with Anne was astounding! I went expecting a routine structured meeting working through marketing and sales ideas; but under went a transformative couple of hours which reaffirmed my beliefs and core values, freeing me to keep pursuing my dreams without the clutter holding me back. I'd lost touch with my Explorer, Artist, Judge and Warrior; but now I have discovered them and they are firmly here to stay.
I thought I needed a strategy, in fact I just needed the reminder to believe in myself.”


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